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Stelline 585

Kany Alan

Even in the heart

Oily on canvas, cm. 70×50

The painting embraces a human Phenomenon. Our loved ones are being abused even in our Heart therefore they must be defended. So they are in our Heart.

I am an academic artist. I grew Up in an artistic environment. My artistic message is to hamess art in the service of umanity.

Since I was small I was cultivated art, taking photographs and making skulptures. I was grew up in a art circle, because my father played on the tambor ( a Kurdish instrument like a guitar).

My talent evolved with me because of my love to nature. This art work is because human issues.
I’ve participated in many individual and collective articles on exhibitions in several cities in Syria, Kurdistan and Europe and I was the number 10 winner of the international contest ‘Freaks Art’ in 2015 and number 7 in the same contest in the 2016 with the title 11/September.
I have dozens of art exhibitions in Syria and Europe. I was one of the top 10 winners of he World Art painting Competition in 2015. And in 2016, I died on th 7th grade in the World Art Painting Competition (I got a score of 7. In the international competition for painting Art Freak)

I am always full-in  for  artworks Painting and Sculpure.

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