Adwaita Das

Looking Up

Anno 2018

Tecnica digitale, cm. 90×90

I can’t stop looking at space. Any space. Up and down and all around – the vast vast vast space. My father is part of it. Now that no physical container holds him, on a quantum level he is part of all of all of it. And as the space folds over the planet and each of us, he is holding me all the time. Now I don’t need a phone; I can talk to him whenever I want. Now I know no physical pain can hurt him. In this everlasting space hug I hear his love speaking to me. I made this artwork to process my father’s death. A tiny figure surrounded by tall buildings is looking up. The sky is speckled with coloured stars and squiggly clouds gather above. A childish beauty fills the frame with bent overlapping lines and shades…the world like dark waters of swirling energies…a soul spread across spaces.

Adwaita Das is a gender-fluid author and artist from India, Planet Earth. They studied English literature and film direction; worked in theatre, news, cinema and advertising. Their books of poetry and short stories—27 Stitches, Songs Of Sanity and Colours Of Shadow—deal with the human psyche. Their art explores social mindfulness, such as the illustrations for Young Mental Health: Mindscape Series, Divine Darkness: Black Bough Poetry and Brown Bodies: The Rights Collective. Adwaita facilitates creative sessions for inner wellbeing with cathartic doodles and writing.