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Stelline 52

Octavian Mihai Cosmin Brendea


Anno 2016

Pastelli su carta, cm. 41,5 x 29,5

La mia pittura è libera, è il sentire, vedere e capire la realtà della mia immaginazione. Considero la mia opera Andrei un’arte del subconscio, emozioni crude, sotto ogni tocco di colore è un’emozione nascosta, un sentimento, un angolo che fuoriesce dalla memoria più grande – il subconscio.

Laureato in economia, Octavian Mihai Cosmin  Brendea vive e lavora a Bucarest.

I am an autodidact painter, admirer of world art, especially Italian Renaissance. I undertook art studies on my own. My artistic way was paved by Michael Alpatov with his „History of Art”, followed by other art treaties, as well as testing countless sketches and drawings used as oil paintings.

For me the pleasure to paint is immense and it makes me translate the art into a fantasy world, a state of reverie, a “via dolorosa” that you have to discover for yourself by listening to the inner voice of your self pious. Basically my paintings are showing the “Art in its rough form”, as I understand it.

The Ecclesiastes has given us a simple and accessible story that captures the life and the evolution of the spirit and body. “There is a season to everything, and a time for every purpose under the heaven”.
It is true that the weather is as changeable as the color is, giving us a sense of purpose on this earth, showing us paths that we haven’t discovered yet and delivering, not only skills, but also, setbacks that are characteristic for each “evolution” that form the sublime composition that is called life.

From childhood to adulthood, from amateur to professional, the painting is created subtly by the largest and incomprehensible MASTER, with thicker or lighter patches of light and color, with mysterious shadows, with feelings that are hidden within its smile, with the sweetness of the unknown, with childhood optimism, with a youthful zest for life and also with the anxiety of mediocrity.

The most incomprehensible MASTER can give each of us a gift, a valorous note and also a “via dolorosa”, all of these elements being there to help us rediscover our inner voice.

When Grace left us the “painting gift” the joyfulness of the soul has become infinite, because God has showed us his “magical eye” and the fingertips which serve as “brushes” were given to us to paint our life as we would want to see it, feel it and apprehend it individually, but also in communion with the magical eye.

This immense happiness can easily lead to the sin of vanity and that’s why it can be regarded as a test that brings you to the “via dolorosa” which was reminded above.

    • October, 2015 Bucuresti, collective exhibition called WORKSHOP- Galeria Club La Scena
    • October 22-31, 2016 Florence, Galleria d’Arte Mentana collective exhibition named Art Projects, cooperation with Artexpertise.
    •  January 06-07 February, 2017 Citta di Cesenatico collective exhibition at Hotel Miramar. Seconda Biennale Citta di Cesenatico.
    •  January 06, 2017 award Premio Leonardo da Vinci Seconda Biennale Citta di Cesenatico with my work Il vecchio fiorentino….pastel, 29,7 x 35,3 cm, 2016
    • August, 2016 my work EXODUS was accepted to be part of the collection of Museo degli Artisti Contemporanei del Terzo Millennio from Santa Marina Policastro Bussentino and donated to the Museum.

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