Desislava Anakieva – Red & black

Desislava Anakieva
Red & black (dittico)
Anno 2013
Olio su tela, cm. 20×40
(each canvas with dimensions: 20×20 cm.)
Since time immemorial man afraid of the unknown. Prefers to put it in the mysterious veil and enjoying it from afar without risking plunge into the depths of its essence. Superstition is the only religion that a real person can be subservient. What else is it if not in itself a religion of awe.Ancient peoples have sacrificed everything can assuage unknown and frightening them. Even modern man is subject to this profound mystical detachment from things without asking might influence and affect our lives. Or so we think. Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy – reckless child wise mother.Maybe so … If it were not our fears that keep us we did we would be foolish children of mother nature …. matter of perspective, like everything else in this world. Desislava certainly has his and serves it with our own style and aura!

Desislava Anakieva

desislava anakieva